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Flexi Jar V2 | 1 sec. Transform | Infinite Possibilities  
Extend to Max Capacity for Storage -> Collapse to Min Size for Travel. A Revolutionary Design for Camping, Outdoor, Kitchen & Parties.  
Enjoy max. 3 liters of storage without the bulk. The Flexi Jar V2’s expandable design means you can store more and worry less.
The Flexi Jar V2 withstands up to 220°C, making it your go-to for any hot contents. No more worries about breakage of traditional glass under high temperature. Our Flexi Jar has got you covered.  
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Experience the magic of Flexi Jar’s design. Expand with a simple lift and collapse with a gentle push. Collapsing is easy – it takes only 1 second, although we have achieved 0.67892 second before.
Our philosophy is “less is more”, we emphasize simplicity and healthy lifestyle. The Flexi Jar helps squeeze out excessive air, that reduces the food oxidation.  An innovative idea for food preservation!
Adventure-Ready Convenience Outdoorsy? So is Flexi Jar V2. With its detachable handle, it’s ready to hang wherever your journey takes you.  
Seal Tight, Keep Right Our airtight design ensures longer freshness by minimizing air exposure and oxidation.
Toughness You Can Trust Ditch the breakable glass. Our clear, particularly durable silicone offers peace of mind with every use. 
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MateNova M3: Precision 3D Model Polishing Pen 
MateNova M3: Precision 3D Model Polishing Pen
Craftsmanship Perfected-Your Ultimate Model Finisher
The M3 reciprocating sanding pen. This is a revolutionary tool specially designed for model making. It aims to solve the pain points in the traditional manual polishing process and make your model production more efficient and easier.
Compared with manual polishing, the MateNova M3 reciprocating polishing pen uses a high-speed motor to achieve uniform and efficient polishing and sanding effects through high-frequency reciprocating motion.     The polishing speed is more than 20 times that of manual polishing, and it is easy and effortless. 
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In order to give you better control over the sanding process, the MateNova-M3 reciprocating sanding pen is equipped with 8 different types of sanding heads to adapt to the needs of various models and different positions
In addition, MateNova-M3’s ergonomic design and comfortable grip enable you to use it for extended periods of time without fatigue. We understand that model making is a job that requires patience and precision, so we make sure it's comfortable in your hands so you can focus on creating more beautiful models.
MateNova M3 can also polish and polish metal, wood, stone and other materials。
Whether you are a model maker, woodworking enthusiast or a professional who needs to polish metal and stone, the MateNova M3 reciprocating sanding pen is your ideal first choice.   Experience unrivaled polishing results and reveal your creative potential. 
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Korin HubPack 33: The Pinnacle of Anti-Theft Backpacks 
Engineering Security and Innovation: 2,000 Hours, 333 Parts, and 33 Pockets for Enhanced Protection 
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With a total of 33 pockets, you can easily carry electronics, daily essentials, office sup.plies, and more.
Thanks to the unique design of the front quick- access dualopening pockets, it allows for organized storage of variousdaily high-frequencyitems in a systematic manner withinthe same capacity.
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