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Maker Pro : 17-in-1 Multipurpose Tool Set 
Professional tool set with 17 different power tools that can be used with a single drill body to save money, space, and time.
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It doesn't matter if you are a professional, a DIY enthusiast, or a homeowner. We know how expensive it can get to buy every tool you need one by one. That is why we are bringing you the Maker PRO by Kikaito - An affordable All-in-One tool box with all the power tools you need to get your jobs done FASTER and CHEAPER.
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The Maker PRO is equipped with all the tools that most people use frequently, making it perfect for professionals and at-home projects.
Whether it's a portable, fast-cutting task or an intricate cutting task, the Maker PRO is equipped with both a jigsaw and saber saw attachments to help you complete either task.
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Changing tools with the Maker PRO can be done in just a couple seconds, so you no longer have to go back and forth on the job site to grab different tools or have your vehicle be full of large power tools.  Additionally, the professional performance of the drill body, battery, and all the attachments will allow you to quickly cut, drill, and do everything you need without an issue.
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Save time cleaning up by blowing away saw dust from your work bench or removing leaves from your lawn/deck with the air blower attachment.
Wash away dirt and dust instantly with a simple hose attachment. Two different nozzles are provided (focused and dispersed) to fit your washing needs.
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Unlike having separate tools, the Maker PRO allows you to save space by having less batteries and chargers so you can keep your tools organized and ready for use.
The tool box is equipped with an auto locking technology that only allows the drawers to open when the top is open.
The Maker PRO's tool box was designed to look like a vintage tool box with a modern look so it can be stored in your garage, inside your house, or anywhere you need.
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